Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why Should You "Like" Wimmer Chiropractic On Facebook

First off, thank you to everyone that has already "Liked" us on Facebook. I hope you enjoy the updates, articles and special announcements we share. 

If you have not yet clicked the "Like" button on the Wimmer Chiropractic page, here is a reason you should. Yesterday, we were without phones and internet at the office (thankfully fixed now). We could not answer phone calls or even change the voicemail message to alert everyone. Without internet, we couldn't update either! With our cell phones, we at least had some access to email and guess what else! 

You got it...Facebook!

Through Facebook we could at least post an update on the situation.

Click the "Like" button to stay up to date with our latest news!

Thank you,

Dr. Wimmer

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